Blank Cards - NicoleSanchez

About Me...The Artist

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA.  As long as I can remember, I was artistic.  In High School as a Freshman, to get out of the basic beginning art classes, I tried painting.  Which I immediately fell in love with.  In College, I started out as an art major, while trying to play collegiate basketball.  But did you know they have art classes in the afternoons and evenings? This definitely interfered with basketball practice, so I chose to make art a minor at Cal Lutheran University.

After college and a retail management career, which took up way to much of my time, I got back into art and became a freelancer.  I enjoy working with customers to design drawings, graphics or paintings for them, so that they get exactly what they want.  From sunsets, to sports plays, to personal comic books, I will try it all.  The more of the challenge, the more the fun.

I would call my work, "Pop-ish" and fun, with a lot of details and bright colors.  Fashion plays a huge role in my life, so I pride myself on being stylish and artistic...even in 3 inch heels.

So please check out my Stylish Creations and feel free to email me at if you see something you like and want it personalized.  All my stuff is for sale on Etsy .

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